Our Mission

The mission of Saarlooswolfdog International is  to pursue the interests of the SWD,  provide a platform for members to exchange  information internationally,  discuss ideas,  deliver support and training concerning the well  being, health,  breading and judging of the Saarlooswolfdog.  

Our Aims are ...

  • To spread knowledge of the Saarlooswolfdog throughout the world.  
  • To preserve this unique and versatile breed according to the guidelines of the mother country, the Netherlands.  
  • To maintain the purity of the breed and to optimize if necessary.   
  • To secure management of genetic resources.  
  • To support and encourage co-operation and exchange of experience between the member countries and coordinate if necessary.   
  • To support and encourage the education of breeders, Saarlooswolfhond lovers and judges by arranging conferences, clinics, workshops, etc
  • To support and promote initiatives of member associations throughout  the world.
  • To set up a framework of transnational guidelines for breeding, with the aim to reduce consanguinity and preserve health.